Our Team

Dr. Ronald L. Hay

Chief Executive Officer

Ronald_HayChief Executive Officer and Founder of ALLTEMPS 1 Personnel (ALL TEMPS 1), Dr. Ronald L. Hay has more than forty (40) years of experience in operations, management, financial and personnel-related functions. In his current capacity, Dr. Hay provides leadership, focus, and motivation for his expanding company. He is responsible for directing the acquisition and allocation of resources, and determining the future directions that the company will take. Ever mindful of the importance of staff participation, Dr. Hay models the participatory management style that ensures that the company benefits from the richness and diversity of its staff and employees. Dr. Hay also models the commitment to community involvement that has become a defining characteristic of his company’s staff and employees.

Modeling ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel’s commitment to community service, Dr. Hay serves on several boards, including the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce where he has served as Chairman of the Board for five consecutive years. He actively participates in many business, civic, and community activities in the Dallas Metroplex area.

In year 2000, Dr. Hay was the recipient of the “Outstanding Men of Minority Business Enterprise Award” by the Minority Business News, and in 2001, he received the “UNCF-National Alumni Council Outstanding Alumnus Award.” In recognition of his exemplary service and contribution to his community, Dr. Hay has received the prestigious Presidential Citation from the National Association of Equal Opportunity in Higher Education. Dr. Hay served ten years as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Jarvis Christian College and retired in 2003 after serving over seventeen (17) years as a trustee. In recognition of his efforts, Dr. Hay was awarded the distinguished “Service in Trusteeship Award” and was inducted into the Pioneer Hall of Fame. In February 2006, Dr. Hay received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” and, in 2008, Jarvis Christian College named the new “Student Services Center” The Ronald L. Hay Student Services Center in honor of Dr. Hay.

Building upon his community outreach activities, a successful career in the corporate world, and demonstrated proficiency in marketing, sales, customer service, operations and management; in 2003 Dr. Hay assemble a team of investors to create an electronic video football game for Black Colleges and Universities Football. The video game is BCFx which represents the total Black Football experience (www.bcfxgame.com). In September 2009, the Doug Williams edition of BCFx video for the X-BOX 360 Console was introduced by Nerjyzed Entertainment, Inc. Dr. Hay brings the vision, organizational strategies, and interpersonal skills required to set and achieve the company’s ambitious growth goals of worldwide distribution for BCFx.


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Ronald L. Hay, II


Ronald_HayAs President and Chief Financial Officer for ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel, Mr. Ronald L. Hay II is responsible for the company’s finance and strategic planning operations, and financial transaction services. In addition, he oversees the Human Resources, Sourcing, Payroll departments and all staff functions. Mr. Hay provides leadership, focus, and motivation for the company. He has an intricate role in directing the acquisition and allocation of resources, and determining the future directions that the company will take.Mr. Hay joined ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel after working abroad for several years. With more than 14 years of staffing industry experience and a wealth of knowledge in the operations and the corporate sides of the business, Mr. Hay has produced remarkable efficiencies throughout the business.

Prior to joining ALL TEMPS 1, Mr. Hay worked for EDS Corporation and for JP Morgan Chase Bank in Information Technology. Mr. Hay brings with him a wealth of experience, expertise, vigor and diligence that has been instrumental in ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel’s success.

Mr. Hay is an active member of the National Black Engineers Association as well as The Plano Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hay served on the Board of Directors for the Central Motorcycle Road Racing Association and as Vice President for two years. Mr. Hay completed his Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A & M University.


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 Rodney L. Hay

Vice President

Ronald_HayAs Vice President for ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel, Mr. Rodney L. Hay is responsible for the company’s revenues. He is responsible for overseeing the processing of invoices; resolving missed payments; updating financial records; meeting accounts receivable operational standards by contributing information to strategic plans and reviews; collections; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; and identifying system improvements.Mr. Rodney L. Hay was recruited by ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel upon graduation from college in 2001. He has brought to ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel his creativity and expertise on business strategies based upon knowledge of establishment policy and the nature of market factors; and, strategies founded on a simple idea: offer each customer the best possible service, quality, and value. Mr. Hay earned a football scholarship to Texas Southern University where he completed his undergraduate degree in Business.


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