ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel Client First Program makes the commitment that one size does not fit all.  This approach has lead to the development of our individualized valued service solution.  ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel’s staff of experts will develop and re-tool a solution that delivers value to satisfy our client’s needs.

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Program Elements:

Controlled delivery of personnel
Specialized skills

Three Tier Screening
• Aptitude
• Attitude
• Work History

Areas of Expertise
• Administrative
• Information Technology
• Light manufacturing
• Distribution Construction
• Disaster Relief
• Hospitality
• Food & Beverage/Special Events
• Facilities Management & Maintenance
• Transportation

Areas of Expertise
• Multi-level background check
• Safety Certification Training
• All shift staffing
• High productivity/Low turnover staffing solution
• Production-oriented staffing program that guarantees our top performers become the client’s top performers
• Locked-in bill rate coupled with increased pay for employees for exemplary performance
• Service employee performance rating system to manage results
• Placement fee for employees when client wishes to hire on a mutually agreed upon timetable
• Vendor on-site management
• Dedicated Account and Service Team
• Individualized digital training aids
• Customized performance measures



ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel, for more than twenty years, has developed its CLIENT FIRST PROGRAM as a dedicated process to deliver quality employees to value driven clients consistently.

Recruiting and Assessments

All service employees are skill tested, assessed and screened to ensure a quality match to meet and exceed client productivity needs and environment.  ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel utilizes an on-going employee and client 360-degree feedback process to monitor changing needs to maintain the highest level of efficiency.

Our recruiting inventory is constantly monitored and updated to anticipate client needs, maintain established sources, discovering new resources and utilize the latest technology to connect employees with employers.

All service employees have all work history and background checks completed and client specific screening done to deliver the highest quality employee possible in every situation.


ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel’s service employees are given safety training specific to the work environment and assignment.  ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel monitors and evaluates all safety practices to ensure it is meeting and or exceeding OSHA’s standard requirements.

Our team of safety experts will perform assessments to maintain the standards and provide insightful process improvement in an ever-changing fast paced work environment.

Our emphasis on safety extends to providing employee incentives for high performance, minimizing loss time and productivity.


ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel’s partner clients will benefit from our implementation teams required tasks of meeting the Scope of Work as defined. Our ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel experience allows for program flexibility anticipating client needs and scope changes.

• Our commitment to excellence and dedication insures involvement from every level of management, corporate and field.
• Our use of the latest technology provides 24 hours access to key personnel to deliver the value our client partner deserves.
• Our commitment to process improvement will insure continued success with the mutual goal of building partner clients one at a time.