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Recapture Revenue through Customer Billing Process

Client Objective

The client is the largest global delivery company in the world with over $53.1 billion in annual sales and 398,300 employees worldwide operating in over 220 countries. The client needed to manage the revenue captured through its customer’s self-billing process. The program encompassed over 18,000 customers with a goal of auditing a high percentage of packages daily.


ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel began the process by clearly identifying the challenge for revenue re-capture and gaining executive management commitment to determine what the targeted financial goals were versus the on-going challenge with suppliers of providing staff support for the strategy. The prior solutions focused on the challenge of staffing the operating hours of 5:00PM-5:00AM and headcount.

Our solution was to gain focus on the project of delivering dollars to the bottom line. We secured an agreement on a revenue re-capture goal of client self-billing and focused our team on managing that process. Our staff conducted detailed training and analysis of the requirement and, we created a workforce solution that was driven on outcomes versus the stated goals and the billing was reflective of that challenge.

As an on-going strategy our utilization of supply chain technology allowed for the process to be managed with fewer personnel who were also full time versus part time employees on the project, as had been a stalwart premise under traditional staffing solutions. ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel offered the client an outsourcing solution versus a staffing augmentation solution that was consistent with their business model as they conduct B2B business with their clients. Our billing procedures reflected our solution therefore the client was billed based on our outcome results not our workforce utilization on an hourly basis.


As a result of ALL TEMPS 1 Personnel’s ability to effectively manage the revenue re-capture project the auditing of packages was double the stated goal and provided over $8.0M in revenue at the site level for the client. As a partner we shared in the success of the venture and as added benefits we produced additional savings from reduction in turnover, standardization of processes, background checks and drug screens which resulted in an additional $303,000 in annual savings. The success was so widely recognized that the program elements and procedures were implemented throughout the system and are now standard operating procedures within the client’s on-going strategy. The revenue re-captured system wide exceeds $200M annually.